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Pipe pressure drop calculator

Hydraulic calculation of pipes is performed to select the optimum diameter at which, loss of pressure (friction of water against the walls of pipes) will be optimal and economically viable. Losses per 1 meter of pipes, depending on the material, are accepted 80 - 250 Pa / m or 8 - 25 mm of water column. The water velocity in the pipes, depending on the diameter, should be within a certain range. The maximum The value of the water velocity for heating systems is 1.5 m / s. Recommended limit values ??for water speed in pipelines for internal diameter: 15 mm - 0.3 m / s, 20 mm - 0.65 m / s, 25 mm - 0.8 m / s, 32 mm - 1 m /

The coefficient of hydraulic resistance λ determine by the formula: Altstuhl Kohlbrook-White
Unit of measure of volume Unit of measure of head
Lenght, m Hydraulic gradient 0
Coefficient of hydraulic resistance λ  
Absolute roughness, mm Coefficient of local resistance, ξ
Water temperature, оС Kinematic viscosity, ν(m2/sec)
Variants of initial data for calculation
Head at the beginning of the pipe H1 In all variants, H 1 is the source for calculation
Head at the end of the pipe H2 H2 and Pipe diameter reference data for calculation
The volume of water Q passing through the cross section of the pipe H2 and Water volume Q initial data for calculation
Water velocity V, m/sec Water velocity V and Water volume Q initial data for calculation
Pipe diametr, mm Diameter and Water volume Q initial data for calculation

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